2015 Colnago Colnago K-Zero Medium

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Model : Colnago K-Zero

Brand : Colnago

Year : 2015

Size : Medium

Type : Triathlon

Color : White / Red

Because Colnago puts ride quality above wind tunnel perfection, they made sure the K.Zero Frameset rides like a Colnago. It is comfortable, putting the rider in a fast position that is good not only for racing in a straight line, but for climbing, descending, and cornering. Because Colnago knows the rider is an essential element of any bicycle, when they went to the wind tunnel, they always tested the bike with a rider aboard. And, because they had the benchmark of the earlier Flight, they could base the new bike off of that. And it has 7.54% lower drag. To get their bike in line with other clock-racing machines, after they dialed the ride in, they applied many hallmarks of time-cheating bikes. A 1 1/8" steerer to keep the front end as narrow as possible. Internal cable routing whether you're running mechanical or electronic shifting. English-threaded bottom bracket. Brakes hidden behind the fork and underneath the stays, TRP road-specific v-style calipers. NACA-derived tubing profiles. Integrated seat post with a sliding clamp that offers 30mm of fore-aft adjustment. An integrated bar and stem. But they set this up as only Colnago can. The seat post can rise up to 315mm from the clamp. The post is an effective 77-degree seat angle, giving you room for a more laid-back road-style position, a UCI-legal position, or a full-on slammed forward tri' specific position. If you want more setback, Colnago has a second post that can give you 15-45mm of setback. The bars are both slippery and very adaptable. The stem, 85mm long, sits flat and is flush with the top tube. It can be raised a bit, but if you want real rise, you'll need to get their rise stem, which adds 40mm of height. The 40cm wide carbon-fiber base bars have a flattened aerodynamic profile that is UCI-legal and is set with the stem to be parallel to the ground. Other than the bar width and the extension width, which are fixed, everything is adjustable. The extensions are set at 100mm center-to-center. They have 60mm of fore-aft adjustment. The armrests can moved 30mm laterally. The stock rise kid has up to 70mm of blocks to go between the pad and the base bar The frame has room to fit all wide-rimmed wheels and clearance for 25mm tires. The Colnago K.Zero frameset is a time trial setup that gives you road bike comfort and handling.