2017 Cervelo R3 Ultegra Disc 51cm

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Model : R3 Ultegra Disc

Brand : Cervelo

Year : 2017

Size : 51cm

Type : Road

Color : Black

It’s a classic road frame with tubing profiles well-suited for both the speed of racing on smooth roads and the punishment of cobblestones. Adapting a frameset for disc brakes isn’t as simple as just adding mounts on the left chainstay and left fork leg. Material has to be added for the different stresses that discs create. For Cervélo, it also meant that could remove material because other stresses would no longer be an issue. With the fork, they removed the hole for the center bolt and added intake and exit ports for the front brake line. Finally, they added a 12mm thru-axle, and a floating derailleur hanger which aligns more perfectly more easily as the thru-axle is snugged. All together, these changes to the rear triangle increase bottom bracket stiffness by 35% while still having plenty of vertical comfort. 25mm tires fit, so if you’re looking to crush some stones, the bike will ride great there, too. Otherwise, this is pretty much a normal R3. Weight is basically the same. The tubing profiles are still Squoval 3, so you’re getting the benefit of both slim tubes that ride well and as much aerodynamic tweaking of those tubes possible. The bike still has a 27.2mm round seatpost, and future-proof cable routing, for both mechanical and electronic shifting. If you go electronic, the battery goes in the seatpost. After the lay-up of carbon and the molding, Cervélo also worked on fit. It’s something they’re proud of, as they came up with a frame sizing system that progresses in a linear fashion in terms of both stack and reach through the size run. To do this, they studied databases of body dimensions. They don't offer different men's and women's models because their sizing allows for people to pretty easily determine what size they need by looking at the stack and reach dimensions. When combined with a sloping top tube, each frame can accommodate a fairly wide range of body sizes. This way, the short torsoed, and long, the flexible and the stiff can find a size that fits well.