We reach thousands of cycling enthusiasts every month that use and are looking for products like yours.


We offer a variety of advertising options to fit any budget. Single month ads can be purchased via the links below. Please contact us for multiple month discounts. All ads except for 300x150 include 1 blogpost, and 2 social media posts for your brand.

Once the ad has been purchase a staff member you will email you the same business day to get your ad up and running.

Ads may be changed as often as you like.

please email or call us at 858-255-0229 if you have any questions or would like to discuss discounts for multiple months or a custom solution.


300x150, 300x250, 300x600 ads can be static, .giff, or .png 

1200x628 coverover ad can be video, static, .giff, or .png

300x150 300x250  300x600  1200x628 
location location location location
right side rotating right side rotating right side rotating pop up coverover
SOV - 50% SOV - 100% SOV - 100% SOV 50%
ad only 1 blogpost 2 social posts  1 blogpost 2 social posts 1 blogpost 2 social posts
click report 1 time click report weekly click report weekly click report weekly
$150.00 / 1 month $250.00 / 1 month $400.00 / 1 month $600.00 / 1 month
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The stuff we need to say up front: Terms and acceptance of advertising:

Tenaries, Inc. DBA reserves the right to reject any ad for any reason should at our discretion if we determine that the product or ad is not indusrty endemic or may be offensive to others. If we reject your ad we will credit you the payment at once and notify you. Ad payments are one time payments for the time period you have selected. Ads do not renew. To renew your ad you must re purchase another ad. Monthly click reporting will be emailed to all advertisers and all outgoing links will have a BIKE2020 tracking code for easy Google Analytics tracking.

Payment for advertising is due at time of purchase and are NON REFUNDABLE in full or in part once an ad has been purchased. No credits either in full or partial will be applied for any ad pulled by the customer prior to the expiration date. 

Ads may be changed out as often as you like by emailing the new ad to us HERE but we reserve the right to reject any new replacement ads.